Bear Creek Church uses fun, relevant, hands-on teaching materials so that children don't just know about God, but about knowing Him and loving Him in a personal relationship.  It's about genuine life changes – connecting kids with God, not just accumulating Bible facts.

Ages 3 to Kindergarten

Early childhood is a time of wonder and discovery. We teach exciting and active lessons that fit their interests and abilities perfectly.  They will meet famous Bible heroes and discover ways they can be like them and they will fall in love with God’s Word.  This is a time to help them feel connected to the church and most important, help them connect to God.

Grades 1-4  Early & Middle Elementary

Early & Middle elementary children are curious, eager, and active.  They are learning to read and write, and these skills will help them learn from the Bible and discover God’s Word.  We strive to let students know they are part of something big – really BIG: God’s plans.  It will also help build strong Bible verse memory banks and grow with God.

Grades 5-7  Preteens

It’s a tough time to be a preteen.  It’s even tougher to be a Christian preteen.  We want your preteens to learn that: (a) They are never alone (b) how to build strong bonds of Christian friends (c) how to build confidence and strengthen their Bible study skills (d) and to be equipped with tools and techniques to discover God’s answers to their questions in His Word. 

Kids Church Sunday School meets during the teaching part of the Sunday Morning Service. 

Children ages 3-12 will be dismissed midway through the service.  If you are a visitor & need assistance in locating a classroom, speak to one of the ushers & they will be happy to help you!