I'm so glad that you've walked thru the doors of Bear Creek Church. As you come to our Sunday Service, and possibly even visit one of our events, we pray that you'll get a good picture of who we are and how you might fit in!

We're simply a group of ordinary people, from a variety of backgrounds, who are journeying through life together. Some have met the living Jesus and have committed their lives to following Him. Some are intrigued by this idea & find that Bear Creek Church is a welcome place to ask questions & dialogue about spiritual things. Still others come because they sense something special about the joy & friendliness they experience.

Together, we're seeking to know who God is and what God is like and then to become the people that God made us to be. My commitment to you, as pastor, is to help you toward that end in whatever way I can!

Conrad Neudorf, Lead Pastor

We Value:

1. We value relationship with Jesus through genuine and creative prayer and worship.

2. We value Christ-centered, practical people development.

3. We value blessing the community & meeting people’s needs where they are at.